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Skating Lesson

Went well!

My coach is fabulous, I found my Blues sheet so I'm working on my gold skills. Still having issues with helicopter turns but she's pretty creative so I think  it'll work out okay!

I did a few big jumps, worked mainly on getting the pop back into them. It was fun. I did two axels, really really nice ones too. Good take offs, good air position. I wasn't going to try but everything else felt solid enough and I figure a huge part of my jumping issues with the axel stems to the fact I'm terrified of it so the more I do it the better. It went well. 

Skating again tonight, then Friday and Saturday. As long as I feel a bit better. I've had the most awful pain in my stomach all morning and I'm really not sure why. I'm going to try and get a doctors appointment ASAP.

Hoping everyones weeks were fabulous!


 Backspins were fairly decent, although it's a constant battle to keep my upperbody from rotating too fast on them. Arching my back seemed to help.

Corkscrew: Almost a lost cause, I'm spinning, and I'm spinning fast but I'm off my sweet spot just enough to travel about a foot and a half. I tried holding the forward outside edge longer and pressing myself into place, but no luck yet!

Sit Spin: I did the most glorious sit spin of my entire life. Ever. I usually go into sit spins from a drag, because it helps me get more speed and stay lower without the weird dropping feeling. Anyways, I went into it as per usual, and I had good tension so I was spinning quite fast, and my body just fell into this exact right position. According to the arena manager (he likes watching figure skating) he counted a good 17 revolutions, and I kept my speed pretty even the whole time. It was fabulous!!!

Camel spin: My position looks okay, and feels okay- it's just too bad I'm spinning at a snails pace! I'll be working on this.

Layback spin: The first four I did were really good, I got on average about 8 revolutions, but I was all the way back (and straight back, usually I go a little sideways), I kept up good speed and I didn't travel. I was happy.

Back camel/back sit: I'm definitely having issues with these two. The back sit position is terrible and I move a lot slower then I do in my forward sit. The back camel is non existant. I push off, and I feel myself open up and push back all wrong, then I lose all the tension and do a pretty useless one revolution super slow spin. 

Jumping was a whole new ball park however!!

I warmed up with a few waltz jumps- the first few I did flying around the arena I over rotated despite being wide open and almost biffed not a pretty picture! Then I slowed down a little and just focused on going up and getting good knee bend to start and that seemed help tons. 

single salchows actually clicked for once, I was getting good scoop and good height- and enough hang time that I was pretty sure with a month or two of practice my double would come back pretty nicely. I must say though- I was going pretty straight up and down not a lot of travel and I'm pretty sure my feet were a mile apart so I wouldn't over rotate. Probably not a good looking as it felt!

Toe-loop: Got decent height on this one, a little too much hang time and a little clunky on the landing- but given the fact that I've never been great at toe loops I was pretty pleased.

Loop: At some point I got the brilliant idea where I figured if I arch my back a little during a back spin, and it makes me spin better sooo if I arch my back during a loop I will jump better! I also changed the take off to straighten it out a bit. It was pretty weird, because with the straight take off and my back arched I was over rotating INTENSELY and I couldn't seem to stop it, no matter how open my legs and arms were. Bad for the singles but good for the possibility of getting the double back!!

Flip: Basically the same as the loop only I fought to land them a little harder:)

Lutz: A few average ones. I'm not bringing my arms through right and it's making it awkward.

Axel: I chose not to try any because of the sheer wonkiness of my jumps and my little experiements with my jumps. I'll stick with the plyometrics, off ice axels, and the waltz loop loops and backspins and maybe start doing it again after I lose another 10lbs. That should clean up my technique.

Yay for freeskate:)


Great skate:)

 I skated for roughly an hour and 35 minutes last night. Focused ONLY on the Blues and stroking.

I'm very pleased- finally my body just understood what I wanted it to do with the choctaw, my shoulders adjusted themselves and I decent edges (there is always room for improvement of course), it flowed really well and I even got a few compliments on how graceful and smooth the turn was. 

HUGE relief too- I have my first actual lesson on Saturday and I really really don't want to make a fool out of myself!

There are a few things I could do better, namely the first few backward edges but I'm sure practicing tonight in a standard size arena will help that!

I'm actually going to get to do a freeskate session tonight! I'm nervous, and excited. I'm going to work on my spins for a bit, warm up my single jumps and do a lot of waltz-loop-loop-loops, loop X (as many as possible), waltz-loop-backspin-loops, and waltz-backspins. I am really not liking the looks of my axel- it's been semi consistant since I started back but I'm still popping 2 out of 10, and landing then slipping off my edge on another 2 out of 10 which isn't so good.

Perhaps I'll even try a few doubles!! That should be interesting.

Also good to note- I've lost about 10lbs since the beginning of September, I'm still wayyy heavier then I was last time I tested or skated competitively but every little bit helps (and makes it easier!)

All the best to everyone

moving forward

Skating seems to be going well this week! I still wish I could get just a little more curve on that blues choctaw, but over all I definitely can't complain. :)

Working out is going well too, on that note. I'm definitely seeing and feeling changes in my body- and oh man do I ever have energy.  I missed being a perpetually perky person!

I'm just hoping I can keep up the motivation through this weekend, and through next week. I start lessons on the sixth. I'm a little nervous!



From today (the beginning of the new skating season) I am pledging to myself to avoid Taco Bell and other such fast food establishments on the premise that skating after you eat a burrito is possibly the third most painful thing I've ever done on ice (besides breaking in new skates, and tearing my ligaments) and I don't think it's fair to my body to torture it because I craved a taco/burger/fries. 

I will refrain from consuming said junk until I have completed the Blues, my Gold Skills, My Gold Interpretive, have my doubles back and have no opportunities to be on the ice for at least two or three days.

I'm still miserable today, a full 15 hours later. What do that put in that stuff!?!

Skating went alright, every now and then I would tap into this super low knee bend and good extension position, but it took awhile to get there, and it kind of came and went. It felt like how I used to skate only a bit slower so I was pretty excited about the whole set up. Skating backwards hurt, and in general I was in mass amounts of pain from the previous mentioned taco.

Skating tonight, 3 or so hours of stroking with the backpack and LOTS of backwards. Then maybe just some upper body strengthening stuff cause I feel a little flabby up there.

I'm starting to see changes in my body though!!! It's so motivating!!




Skating on Thursday went well, I managed to do lots of stroking and what not which was wonderful.

Friday was the day I tried the training with the weighted back pack on, I put around 20lbs in it to start and just skating around 10 laps at a time every half hour with it on. I think it was one of the best things I have ever done. It really worked my upper body intensely (especially my abs and shoulders) and forced me to bend my knees more and really use my legs. Every time I took the back pack off I could feel the difference in the strength and the speed of my stroking, and I noticed my body was better aligned and my knees were bent farther. I wish I could warm up with a backpack for competitions and tests!!

Not skating related, but friday I also went to an infrared sauna at my tanning salon (I go during winter months to keep seasonal depression at bay) and I must say it was a great way to detox. I felt like I was retaining a lot of water before hand, and that was completely gone after I left, I also felt re energized and fantastic. I stretched while I was in the sauna and the heat made it so much easier to do. I will definitely be going more often.

Saturday I missed out on skating due to a few social obligations. I was less then impressed with myself for that.

Sunday despite being sick and extremely tired I managed to get to the rink, no backpack this time but I worked on the choctaw for the blues and some backwards stroking. I've noticed my forward stroking has better presentation and speed then my backwards so I think that's something else I can work on before I get back into lessons. Another funny little thing I noticed, when I was working on making my backwards skating look more presentable is that I was only pointing my toes a little- upon pointing them hard with each push my skating had more flow, looked better AND it fixed the slightly awkward feeling I was getting on the Blues, because it changed my focus and flow slightly. 

I also adjusted my shoulder position on the choctaw so I'm just really going to focus on improving every aspect of the dance until I feel it reaches the point where it's the best I can do (or I test for it. Whichever comes first. )

I must say, I totally forgot how much I really LOVE to ice dance!

Anyway, there isn't any skating on today so my plan as of now is to intensely focus on off ice. I'm possibly going to start with some skipping to get my body into a cardio mode, do some push ups (for dance partnering), a few upper body work outs, ab sequence which includes some belly dancing, floor exercises, and weighted exercises, plyometric leg exercises, weighted squats and some off ice jumps. It should probably take an hour and a half but I definitely think doing it consistantly will help my on ice work a little bit.


I skated last night because the Yoga class I planned on attending was full.

The session was ridiculously crowded with children, but I managed to get a small spot for spins.

One foot spin: Having major centering issues, sometimes I get close but then as I pull in I rock off my sweet spot and start travelling.

Back spin: Decently centered, on the first three or four I could only get 5 or 6 rotations because I kept rotating my upper body faster then my hips. Once I figured out what was going on I had a few with a good 15/16 rotations with decent speed and a nice checkout. 

Sit spin: My position is fine. I can get all the way down, keep my leg straight and my back straight. I had decent speed on all of the once I tried to day, and only did the switching edge thing once or twice. My main issue was getting back up, I either need to do a sit change sit to stand up, press on my leg, or put my foot down and it's really not attractive. I'm definitely going to try doing some squats to strengthen up those muscles.

Camel Spin(forwards, flying and back): Utterly hopeless on my forwards spin I get about five rotations moving at a turtles pace. I seem to have forgotten how to use my bodies resistance. :( Back spin and flying camel are just painfully awkward, and I can't seem to fix them.

Layback spin: This was the glory of the night. For some reason, after weeks of doing pretty useless laybacks (slow, travelled, two or three rotations in position) my body just remembered how it's done. They were fast, had really nice positioning, and I could have stayed there forever. My arms definitely need to be cleaned up a bit but all in all I'm pleased. Im also pretty sure the look of sheer joy on my face after I did one was pretty comical.

Jumps: I tried a few single jumps and realized I'm not getting any height what-so-ever. I'm not sure if it was lack of speed and having a really little set up area, or if it was the fact that I'm still building my leg muscles up and I gained a bit of weight since the last time I skated but either way it was not a beautiful thing. I'm going to really focus on off ice jumps for the next few days, and try practicing just the take offs with a back pack of weights on the floor, and maybe on the ice later on. I hope that help builds up my strength, power and stamina a bit. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Best of luck to you all.


The Blues

 I skated with my sister for two and a half hours Sunday, it was pretty fantastic!

We did a lot of stroking, and I worked on different section of the blues, working on really getting down in my knees, feeling the ice, and the rhythm of the dance, maintaining speed, getting super deep edges and really filling out the rink.

Right now I'm feeling a little inadequate because my end pattern is still easily a good five feet from the boards, my choctaw feels super awkward and the edges aren't quite as deep as I want them (although on film it looks 100% better then it feels),  and I'm not getting quite as much extension or expression as I would like.

On the bright side I have another two months to work on it, so if I keep the effort going I should have a stellar Blues by test day.

I am however, thinking of filling a skate bag with weights and doing forward and backward laps a few days a week just to work on speed and power. I feel like I'm lacking in that area a little bit, and it seems like a good way to build up some strength.

It will definitely help with the extra weight I've put on since taking time off too. I'm thinking of adding biking a few times a week and a few yoga classes into my routine just to up my stamina, flexibility and balance. Doing a few weights to tone up my upper body. It can't hurt to overachieve right?

I officially have lessons starting October 6th. New coach too. I'm nervous, she's knows nothing about my skating and I really really would like to make a good impression!


Weekend Skating

After skating thursday night, I wasn't overly impressed with myself. I had I think one good counter out of all eight, my 3 change 3's were pretty weak, and the edges on my choctaw were utterly miserable.

Then I got my skates sharpened friday, and magically,  now my forwards counters are good, and my backward counters are at the very least passable.

Axel is still MIA although my sister tried to help me get some of my snap back, and it seemed to work okay.
Double Salchow still looks like a trainwreck. Double toe is still the best it has ever been. Double loop is a little more solid after the skate sharpening, and my double flip is still wonky.

I can't do a flying camel for the freaking life of me though, and I need a little more speed on my layback and my sit spin. 

I did one really fast sit spin yesterday, but somewhere in there I switched to a forward outside edge and that didn't go overly well once I decided to stand up. :)

Worked on stretching for my extension and my spirals as well, hopefully they will be back to normal soon! 

I think I might try making a video sometime soon and uploading it to youtube to see if I can get any tips on before I go back to skating with a club.

Anyway, I'm renting some ice today, so wish me luck!!


Day 2

I haven't had the chance to be on an actual figure skating rink for awhile. It's sad. Going to public skate tonight, but it's a speed skating track so I'll just be stroking, working on getting my counters and three change threes really strong again, and focusing at getting my feet back under me on the ice before I start skating at the new club.

I've been doing a lot of office work lately, just to help me get myself back to where I was before I blew my ligaments..
As of last week my Axel is officially MIA, which is crazy seeing as I had it the first day I got back on the ice after 2.5 years. I don't feel like I'm snapping enough, and my right shoulder keeps dropping in the air.

Double Salchow is a mess as always, I keep bringing my right hip up making it near impossible for me to get off the ice and rotate.

Double toe is the most gorgeous it has ever been. 

Double loop is shaky but still there, I just need to get more speed and get my confidence up on it.

Double flip bounces from being unrotated and landed, to being two footed and fully rotated. It's a silly jump, but I'll get it back.

In other news, I emailed Skate Canada about my test levels not being updated, it turns out that they lost a test day a few years ago which means I have to retake my Gold Skills, and my Blues. I'm not very happy about that development but I figure it's given me a chance to get my blues and my skills with all excellents, instead of the basic satisfactory I scraped by with last time. I figure while I'm back I might as well get my Interpretives, and then next if I work really hard on freeskate this year on my own I can finish up that region. I'm pretty excited for that!

Hopefully I can find some open ice time for this weekend.

Best wishes to all. 


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